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This is a question many are seeking the answer for that has had several solutions already available in the form of web based scripts, browser addons and standalone applications. To clear the doubt once and for all (and hoping that this should appear within the search results when someone Google’s it) I am going to highlight some of the most popular functioning applications, scripts and addons that does just this.

Using a Web Based Application

The easiest and probably most convenient and compatible way of doing this would be using a web based application that lets you download videos off youtube. One of the most popular and recommended web based tools would be Keepvid, this tool generates a download link of any youtube video simply by pasting the URL of the video in the textbox on their website and clicking the ‘download’ button.

This tool, makes it convenient by allowing you to create a ‘bookmarklet’ which lets you bookmark a tiny piece of javascript that lets you download youtube videos faster, when you are on a video page, click the bookmarklet and a new tab would open with the download link to that video.

Other Similar Websites:

Using a Browser Addon

Using an application from within your browser is probably convenient as well. I’ve covered DownloadHelper (Firefox) as the ‘ultimate’ video downloader, and I think that still stands, DownloadHelper is very convenient to download videos from Youtube (and again any website for that matter) from Firefox with just a click of a button. Another addon which does this would be Unplug which also does pretty much the same thing and is also a Firefox addon. There’s also Flashgot which lets you integrate Firefox with pretty much any download manager and also lets you download videos off youtube with a click of a button in your favorite download manager

Other Browsers

Opera – Javimoya (also a web based application, see above) has a simple widget for Opera that lets you paste the video URL and download the video however they have a few kinks to iron out so don’t be surprised if you get a ‘403 error’ or something similar.

Internet Explorer – The popular Internet Explorer addon IE7Pro which is packaged with tons of features to enhance Internet Explorer supports a feature to download videos off youtube as well.

Chrome and Safari – Safari has CosmoPod which lets you download videos off youtube however it will cost you around $13 which in my opinion is not worth it, I suggest you use the javascript based bookmarklet from keepvid (see above) to easily download videos on Safari and Chrome. If you do come across an addon for Safari which is free and performs this function though do let us know in the comments below.

Using a Desktop Application

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend a separate desktop application just to download videos off youtube, the methods above should be sufficient, however most of these applications are bundled with other features like a video converter as well to convert your videos to a more compatible format, in any case, I’ll let you decide.

One of the most popular applications which handles downloading and converting videos off youtube would be Orbit Downloader (Windows), the primary purpose of the application however is not simply downloading videos off youtube but it has become a tool known for this purpose as it integrates well with browsers and lets you download videos quickly and conveniently, which is what we are looking at here, by default it is a download accelerator which integrates with IE, Firefox, Opera and Maxthon.

For Mac – TubeTV is a freeware application for MAC OSX which lets you download and convert Youtube videos.

For Linuxyoutube-dl is pretty much a script that lets you download videos off youtube seamlessly.

So there you have it, I’ve outlined every possible way to help you get that Youtube video you dug into your local hard drive or portable media player, most of these methods are compatible with pretty much any other video sharing service as well.

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Windows Tutorials - July 24, 2009

I wouldn’t recommend a separate desktop application just to download videos off youtube, the methods above should be sufficient, however most of these applications are bundled with other features like a video converter as well to convert your videos to a more compatible format, in any case, I’ll let you decide.

How to Download Videos on Youtube | Computer Realm - July 24, 2009

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Reply - July 24, 2009

Thanks for posting about this, I would like to read more about this topic.

Funny Questions - July 25, 2009 and onother way is to open keepvid wirte the url and download the youtube videos
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web design services - July 25, 2009

Nice information! But you can find so many websites on internet which are providing this kind of facility to download youtube videos. Anyway Good information shared with all. It will be helpful to newbie.

Condos Florida - July 28, 2009

Always seeking for source from where i can download youtube video, i found Keepvid useful and DownloadHelper also good one for firefox users thx… for video downloading resources.

Online TV - July 28, 2009 is definitely my first choice when it comes to download videos from youtube.

ramaraobobby - August 4, 2009

Thanks for listing some of the ways to download videos from youtube and other video sharing websites.

But I use none of the above coz my IDM makes it all for me. It can download not only videos but any file you want automatically with simple customization.

Here is the link to my blog post where I have clearly explained how to use IDM to automatically download any file you want from any site.

Hope this helps…
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Computer Service - August 4, 2009

Mostly i used for youtube video download but now i will use DownloadHelper. Good resource for download videos with different browsers. Thanks for information.

manchester city - August 9, 2009

I use YouTube Downloader and it works perfectly. You just type in the URL and it downloads.

Reply - September 17, 2009

We can download youtube video from websites with this function, but we can too get it from internet browsers cache. For example: in firefox address bar we type “about:cache”. And there we find file, add to it name +.flv or +.avi
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davidson - January 19, 2015

I try many software for downloading youtube videos.Its very simple way to download youtube videos without any software or download manager click this link and check this site Download youtube videos. may a best site for downloading videos.

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