50 Weird Websites That Actually Exist

Weird Websites

As of September 2014, there were 1 billion websites on the internet, and the number is increasing like amoebas on a Petri dish. A good majority of these websites are of course porn and various personal blogs. You will also get the standard news websites, social media sites, business sites and boring sites that serve no purpose.

Scattered among these normie websites are some weird websites that you cannot unseen once seen. Like diamonds in the rough, these sites can creep you out, make you laugh and make you question your sanity at the same time. Sometimes you may think, may be this is why the internet truly exists.

Here is a list of top 10 weirdest websites that will definitely make your day:

The Weird Internet is for Cats (and Other Animals)

1.  DoughnutKitten.com


Essentially a picture of a kitten on a donut travelling across the web page leaving a trail of rainbow behind. You can change the kitten and the donut’s frosting by clicking on the picture. If you watch it long enough, the whole page would be covered in rainbow pathways. Weird, but still so cute.

2.  eelslap.com


Just when you think you have seen all there is to see of weird internet sites, then comes Eel Slap. The title doesn’t leave much to the imagination. As you would suspect, the site has a giant GIF of a man getting slapped by a slimy eel. Lovely, right? Well, the GIF is actually interactive. You can move the mouse left and right so you will be the person slapping the man with the eel. That’s quite the POV right there.

If you feel like slapping anyone during a particularly hard work day, you can just visit this site and get the satisfaction of virtually slapping someone. With an eel! A slimy one that leaves a trail of goo across the man’s face. It’s far more satisfying than taking a Tylenol for that headache.

3.  procatinator.com


The internet is for cats, people. No one gets it better than whoever created this gem of a site. When you go to the URL, you get this text: “loading a cat and buffering a song.” That’s all you need to know about this site. Basically, it’s a place where you can go to watch cat GIFs played to highly appropriate tunes.

You will be greeted with a cat driving a car to a cool Daft Punk-like tune, or a cat “hugging” a plush toy to an unbearable Italian love song. If you don’t like the cat GIF you get, you can switch to another cat by clicking on the top right corner. And yes, this is the ultimate website for procrastinating. If you are at work and you miss your cat, you can just visit this site and feel the love. It’s not like the office network can censor cats anyway. If you are a dog person, this site would be one of those odd websites.

4. endless.horse


Weirdest websites on the net can sometimes surprise you in, like, a philosophical, metaphysical manner. Go to the Endless Horse website and you will be greeted by, as you’d expect, a picture of a horse. The horse is drawn using punctuation characters. Here’s the mind-bending twist: the horse never ends.

The Endless Horse has four very long legs that you have to scroll down to see. You could be scrolling down, down, and down forever but you will never see the hooves of the horse. Endless horse, get it now? Why would anyone visit a site like this? Why would anyone even create a site like this? These are excellent questions to ponder while you scroll down to see the horse’s hooves.

5. r33b.net


When you visit this site, you will be greeted with a sentence, in all caps, declaring “glory to the hypno toad.” That’s the first sign of lunacy and utter pointlessness of this website. The so-called hypno toad is just a picture of a toad with blinking eyes that makes irascible noises. It’s fun, if you absolutely have nothing better to do.

6. HippoHippo.ytmnd.com


Love trippy hippos? Hippo Hippo is a place you can go to listen to a hippo song. It’s trying to be hip but just ends up being weird. It’s weird enough for people to start Reddit threads over it. The internet certainly wasn’t built for this, but there’s nothing anyone can ever do about Hippo Hippo.

Kill Time

7. tane.us


What could be a weirder website than a website that does absolutely nothing? That’s what Tane is. Created by a programmer named Bryan Lee, the website features a series of amateurishly photoshopped images, all featuring the word Tane. You can click on the links to read a small, largely nonsensical description provided by the developer. Guess it’s slightly better than watching paint dry.

8.  zoomquilt.org


Imagine, if you can, a world of endless zooming. That’s exactly what this site does, but with a nice little twist. The site is a massive canvas (or rather, a quilt) of images that automatically gets zoomed on. Except that the zooming never ends. Once the zooming focuses on a single image, there’s a little image inside that gets revealed, and on and on it goes. It’s veritably a collection of zooming nesting dolls.

9. burymewithmymoney.com


Want to be buried happy with all your material riches? That wish might come true. In the meantime, you can head to this website to watch a man fall to his death with a pile of gold coins next to him. Soon as he hits the ground with his money, a line screaming “bury me with my money” appears. You can stare at it all day until the screen fills up with dead people and their money. Isn’t that the dream?

10. fallingfalling.com


This site is kind of like a screensaver. It features a colorful page, which falls back revealing another colorful page. This process keeps going in and on and on. It never ends. Falling, falling, indeed. If you want to make your brain pause all thought then this might be a great site to check out.

11. Ninjaflex.com


Give your hardworking brain a break with this absolutely pointless, silly, and ultimately weird website. The entire website consists of two images, a pixelated dancing figure and a bicep curling arm. When you hover your mouse over the figure, it says “ninja,” and over the arm, it would unveil the words “flex.” What genius.

12. Koalastothemax.com


If you think there’s just too much time in the day, then this website just might be your favorite thing in the world. The site features a circle that divides in four when you hover your mouse over it. All the circles keep dividing in four with your input as if it’s a torturous math lesson. OCD sufferers might want to stay away from this site as dividing all the circles into the same size could keep you hooked forever.

13. Jellotime.com


This website exists somewhere between plain old weird and highly satisfying. You know jello, the dessert known for its wobbliness. This website features a crude cartoon of jello that wobbles wonderfully. You can make the jello virtually tremble by moving your mouse. You can continue to do this forever if you choose to, because, why not?

14. StaggeringBeauty.comStaggeringBeauty.com

Take this site’s name quite literally. It has at first what seems like a twisty pool noodle. It bends as you move your mouse left or right. Then move your mouse really fast and the noodle goes into shock. Bright and colorful lights flash briefly in the background until the noodle becomes normal again. You can keep doing this over and over and it never gets old.

15. Boredbutton.com


If you are bored, you can click on a big red button on this site. It will then redirect you to some dumb activity. You will be randomly prompted to do things like play a virtual card game, push a virtual button fast, or enter your birthday to learn what famous celebrities achieved when they were the same age as you, among other things.

16. Corndogoncorndog.com


This website features a picture of two corn dogs on a plate with some sauce with a tasteless disco jam playing in the background. And that’s it. Someone went into the trouble of registering a domain name just for this. Isn’t the internet full of the weirdest things?

17. PaperToilet.com


Virtually unroll a toilet paper down to nothing on this website. If you can click long enough to unroll the whole thing, you can click on the blank space to get a new roll to unroll. Obviously, more eco-friendly than unrolling toilet paper in real life. Well when you are bored enough, anything goes.

18. MrDoob.com


This website would confuse the hell out you in the weirdest way possible. It features a bunch of sketches. Click on a picture to see a three-dimensional interactive version of it. Then you can “edit” the picture, meaning you can make it multiply. It’s ridiculous as it is pointless.

Just What?

19. DiedInHouse.com


So you see a gorgeous house on the market, and your first thought is, did someone die in here? It’s probably not. But Died In House tells you if any deaths occurred in any legitimate address in the U.S. If only the Lutz family visited this website at least once before moving to Amityville.

20. wutdafuk.com


Whenever you feel like it, you can visit this website to have your screen filled up with “WTF.” We all have moments when “wtf” is all that comes to mind. This website is proof that the internet has your back, no matter what.


21. thefo.nz


This site is dedicated to featuring a picture of Fonzie, one of the most popular characters from the sitcom “Happy Days.” And that’s not the weirdest part about this website. The site features “annual drives” for Fonzie pictures to show on the site. If you haven’t seen “Happy Days,” you might want to check out wutdafuk.co instead.

22. nooooooooooooooo.com


Having a bad day? Then skip the bar and visit this website. Click on the giant blue button below the picture of Darth Vader with a talk bubble reading “Noooooooo!”

You will hear Vader’s agonized “nooooooooooooo” while ominous music plays in the background. Does that reflect your mood? Star Wars superfans will immediately recognize the “noooooooooo” from the end of “Revenge of the Sith.” It’s Darth Vader’s cry of pain after he hears his beloved has died.

Let’s face it; your day was probably not as bad as the guy’s who just had his skin burned off in a giant lava pit only to wake up and learn that his pregnant wife had died. As far as weird websites go, this one actually may serve a good purpose.

23. Hemansings.com


Remember the comic book hero turned Saturday morning cartoon He Man? Wouldn’t you love to hear him sing? He Man Sings is a website dedicated to a music video where He Man “sings” the 4 Non blondes song “What’s Up.” The video plays on a loop on the site without pause. Talk about hilariously weird.

Celebrity Worship

24. ilooklikebarackobama.com


The internet is truly full of creeps that have the time to create super strange websites. Whenever you are feeling inadequate or ugly, go to this website. The site is created by a blue-eyed white man with an oval-shaped face who thinks he looks like Barack Obama. The homepage shows pictures of the two men side by side for comparison. Of course they don’t look anything alike. But that’s not the point of the site.

Below the pictures is an extended explanation as to why the site’s creator thinks he looks like Barack Obama. Apparently a lot of people tell him that he does. It doesn’t help that the text sounds like it’s written by an eight year old. You kind of feel sorry for this guy, but mostly you just want to laugh. It’s really unclear if the site is meant as a joke, a self-satire or if this guy genuinely thinks he’s a whiter doppelganger to America’s first biracial president.

25. thebeatlesneverbrokeup.com


The title says it all. This is one of those strange websites that imagine an alternative reality. In the case of this site, it opens up this wonderful world where the Beatles never broke up. The story behind the website is even weirder. The creator of the site claims that he came into the possession of a Beatles album that was never released contained in a cassette tape.

The picture of the tape with the supposed album “Everyday Chemistry” is shown on the site. The site owner “found” the tape in 2009, leading him to believe that the Beatles never broke and continued to make music. You can learn more from the “Story of the Tape” section on the site. You can also listen to 11 tracks from the totally authentic unreleased album on the website. Who knows, you might end up believing the story after you listen to the songs.

26. 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111.com


Internet doesn’t get more bizarre than this. Go to this website to see Arnold Schwarzenegger in various Sailor Moon outfits. The site features only trippy images of “Arnie Sailormoonnegger” is various colorful outfits crushing his political opponents. Even more bizarrely, the headline text on the site says “Because Washington is Hollywood for ugly people.”

27. PoliticalGraveyard.com


Think about your favorite president, senator, or a politician of any kind. Do you want to know where they are buried? Then this is the site for you. You can learn that Andrew Jackson, born in a log cabin, was buried in Davidson County, Tennessee. Who doesn’t love such fun facts about politicians?

28. Dead-People.com


Here’s the website version of a necropolis. This website features a long list of dead celebrities. In addition to the usual rock star or the actress that died, the list also includes scientists and politicians. The list is updated on a weekly basis with famous dead people from all over the world.

29. partridgegetslucky.com


Love the English comic legend Steve Coogan, or Daft Punk? This website lets you watch Coogan’s insanely popular Alan Partridge character dance to Daft Punk’s earworm “Get Lucky.” It’s on a loop, so you can get your fill all day and night as you like.

Religion Meet the Internet

30. Dumb.com/Chat-With-God


Chat with God online—is what this website promises. Visit the site and submit your question or prayer directly to Yahweh himself. And God will actually send a reply via a captioned image. It’s essentially divine live chat. Be aware that God may only reply with one sentence no matter what you ask. Isn’t the internet grand?

31. Psychede.Tripod.com


Official website for the followers of the Temple of the True Inner Light, this is the site for people who know they have found the One True Religion. That is, believing psychedelic drugs is the “flesh of god.” That is a clever use of words. There is an actual variety of psychedelic mushrooms called teonanacatlm, which literally translates to flesh of god. People on this site take the name very literally.

32. Divine-Interventions.com


Don’t think you have seen it all until you visit the site that promotes sex “toys so blessedly good, even the Gods use them.” Yes, this is a site for religion-themed sex toys, if anyone is into that. Once you have come across the “baby Jesus butt plug,” you might want to stay off the internet forever.


33. OMGLasergunsPewPewPew.com


So, a squirrel in a space suit shooting a laser gun. Why not? Weird as it may sound, this website is actually a fun game. You can choose a squirrel “Space Force” defender as your in-game toon, and then your job is to shoot at a flying Donald Trump. You will either love this game or hate it to bits depending on your political affiliation.


34. anomalies-unlimited.com


No weird websites list is complete without one about conspiracy theory. Sure, there’s plenty on the internet, but this one has to take the cake thanks to how compelling some of the conspiracy theories are. The website has “information” on everything from child labor at Disney to Britney Spears’s virginity claims. The latter, everyone can agree, was total BS.

Likewise, this site links long “essays” about totally plausible scenarios with the impossible, like people who claimed to have seen UFOs at the World Trade Center before the first plane hit on 9/11. There’s an entire section devoted to just how evil Disney is, with disclaimers that corporate lawyers threatened to sue. It’s all fun stuff to read when you feel a little bit too sane.

35. secrettechnology.com


This is hands down one of the most unusual sites on the web. The title suggests a website about technology of some sort, perhaps what the government researches in secret. Visit the website and you’ll find out that it’s not. In fact, you may never find out what the site is actually about.

There are literally jittery icons on the homepage that take you to other pages claiming to be “digital poems” of government documents and “entropic texts.” The site is created by a guy who describes himself as a digital artist. Though there’re supposed to be lots of interactive puzzles and games, you can keep clicking forever and not encounter any. If you want to challenge your brain with something completely unfamiliar and nonsensical, go visit this website.


36. exitmundi.nl


What is the internet if it can’t tell you when the world is going to end? Possibly one of the
weirdest sites on the internet, Exit Mundi presents visitors with a list of scenarios where the world is going to end. Nuclear holocaust, terrorists who design pandemics, SARS, and colossal asteroids—the possibilities for apocalypse are near endless on this website.

Not to mention, the site creator-preferred version of the end of the world is a giant tsunami that overtakes the earth. The caption below that particular scenario says “any day now.” Given the reality of climate change, maybe Exit Mundi is not wrong. Maybe it’s not all that bad if you missed a deadline or if you are about to declare bankruptcy. We are all going to die anyway.

Online Dating

37. UglySchmucks.com


You may have a glowing personality, but is your face aesthetically average at best? Ugly Schmucks is a dating site dedicated to the people who will never be featured on the cover of Vogue. You will never feel out of place, or plain weird, on a dating site dedicated entirely for people who don’t look better than you.

38. BeautifulPeople.com/en-US


On the contrary to Ugly Schmucks, Beautiful People is, well, for people who would appeal to photographers of glossy fashion magazines. Do you have a symmetrical face that Michelangelo would kill to sculpt? Then don’t feel weird signing up for a dating to find a mate who would feel the same way (about themselves, of course).

Supernatural Dating

39. zombiepassions.com


There are loads of freaky zombie websites out there, but this zombie “dating” website just might be one of the weirdest websites ever. It’s 100 percent free to use, obviously. It’s not like the undead can work, now can they?

If you are a lonely zombie, or a zombie super fan, you can become a member to find the love of your unlife. It’s also for people who have been working on “dead end jobs for too long” that you might as well be dead already. The site also has (un?)lively forums, book groups and even gaming groups.

40. gothicmatch.com


The name might give it away. This is Tinder, but vampires only please. If you love undead bloodsuckers and everything that is Goth ever, you have found the ideal place to connect with your soul mate. By the way, real people can sign up to date on this website.

Extreme Voyeurism

41. Opentopia.com


Take your voyeurism to the next level. This website features a host of live streaming cams from around the world. You can peep inside Purdue University or the Crea Mall in Japan. Is this all legal? By the site owners’ admittance, maybe. The cams they log are automatically found in search engines, regardless of whether the people or places featured actively made them public.

42. Twinlets.com


Have you ever thought you might be a part of lost twins? This website has 150 million photos from all over the world that will match your face with someone who could be your “twin.” Essentially, you can find your doppelganger if you ignore your privacy rights and upload your face to this site.


43. SpottedGhosts.com


This website features loads of pictures of spotted ghosts. Yes, people who genuinely believe they have spotted a ghost, snap a picture or a video quickly, and upload to the website. It’s weird regardless of whether you believe in the spectral realm or not. Remember that people who upload the pictures are perfectly normal otherwise.

Final Destination

44. FatefulDay.eu


Want to know when you will die? Fateful Day can calculate the year of your death and show you’re a countdown of your remaining time down to the very second. The website claims the results are highly accurate. Your death date is not randomly calculated. You do have to answer a series of questions before the site tells you when you will die.

Tough Philosophy

45. Corndog.io


A place to watch a steady stream of cartoon corndogs falling and falling. Does it end; is there’s a point? You can stare at the endless corndog rain and wonder what life is all about. Isn’t this better than Philosophy 101?

46. yournameingum.com


What would your name look like written in bubble gum? Go to this website and choose a gum. Then type in your name. It will render your name in the gum you chose. And that’s it. You can share your gummy name with friends or family, if they are as weird as you are.

Mental Issues

47. zombo.com


Zombo is the web version of the fidget spinner. There’s nothing here except a bunch of colorful circles that keep flashing on and on. Staring too long into it might give you a headache. If you are epileptic, it might even give you a seizure. If you have ADD, on the other hand, you might even find this fascinating.

48. Isitnormal.com


This website is a forum for all question starting with “is it normal…” As in, is it normal to get upset by time zones, which is an actual question a user on the site asked. Be warned that you should enter this site at your own risk. The questions may intrigue you, but mostly you would just end up questioning millennia of evolution.

49. Awkwardfamilyphotos.com


All families have their own, unique awkward family photos. Go this this website to look at others’. You will probably come out feeling a lot better about those pictures your mother made you take. It’s very curious why anyone thought people would want to look at super weird family photos other people have taken.

The Absolute Worst

50. theworldsworstwebsiteever.com


Here’s a website that really lives up to its name. The world’s worst website is nonsensical, pointless, and flashes a lot like an outdated GeoCities page. It’s even got scrolling text and way too many “coming soon” sections with typos. If you are an amateur web designer, you can head over here to feel good about your work.

You think you know the internet? Visit any one of the above websites and find out just how wrong you are.

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