4 Versatile Web Based Media Converters

Versatile Web Based Media Converters

Online tools are becoming more common nowadays especially as Internet access is more prevalent throughout the world. With the advent of more online tools, basic and even advanced tasks that required an installed program to perform can now be completed through an online interface.

Music can be stored in the cloud and streamed to almost every device. Documents can be created, shared and collaborated online and of course, social media has taken center stage in information exchange within the last few years.

Online converters are an example of web based tools which can easily replace a desktop application. Thanks to multiple websites offering this service, people can convert audio, video and image codecs into a variety of different formats. What follows are some of the best online converters we have personally tested and used.

  • iConvertThis simple web based converter allows you to upload an image file and convert it into .ico, .icns, ihqx or .png file format for use as icons and such on Windows, Mac and Linux based machines. The service is free and conversion is fast and simple.
  • ZamzarOne of my new favorite video converters, Zamzar allows you to upload a video file (up to 100MB) which it will than convert and send the download link to your email when the task is completed. It is free and supports the widest range of formats I have ever seen.
  • Media ConvertorMy all time favorite converter, Media Converter allows you to upload multiple files and convert them into a wide range of media formats. Best of all, it supports images, audio and video files and not only can you upload a file for it to convert, it can grab a file from YouTube or some other website (once the link is provided). The service allows you to convert five files for free each day. After that, you will have to sign up for an account or wait 24 hours.
  • Online-ConvertAnother solid online conversion service, Online-Convert, allows you to convert images, audio, video, document, eBook and archive file formats into a myriad of similar formats. The service is free but free registered users are allowed to send files as email attachments as well as access to a user panel where they can view statistics about their use.
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