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System Vault is a privacy utility which provides privacy by enabling only authorized access to any file or folder. It does this by hiding files and folders. The files or folders can then be accessed only upon entering a password. In addition to hiding files and folders it also gives user the option of clearing common MRU (Most Recently Used) lists.




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • Hide files and folders
  • Protect the hidden files/folders with a password
  • Delete Most Recently Used (MRU) lists for the following applications:

Adobe Reader 7 recent file list
DAP recent downloads
Foxit Reader 2.0
– Internet Explorer typed url’s
– Microsoft Paint recent file list
– Run command dialog
– ‘Search items’ in My Computer
– Windows Media Player



  • What is System Vault?

System vault is a privacy tool that lets you hide files and folders and protect the hidden directories and files with a password.

  • What Operating Systems does System Vault function on?

Windows NT
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows Vista*
Windows 7*

  • How much does System Vault cost?

Nothing. System Vault is absolutely free.

  • How does System vault hide my files and folders?

System vault hides your files and folders by assigning hidden + system attributes to your files and folders. While this is a very basic method to secure your files and folders, most computers don’t have this files to visible as it is a potential risk to have system files exposed into the computer, thus it is a very efficient method. However, we are aware that to ensure privacy, more advanced techniques need to be used therefore we are currently working on a future build which will offer more protection to your files and folders.

  • I re-installed System Vault can I retrieve my directories and files back?

When you re-install the application your hidden directories and files would be reset so you cannot retrieve it the normal way. You’ll need version 1.15 or newer to get your directories back. At the bottom of the ‘Unhide file or folder’ window you can type in the path of the hidden files or folders and retrieve it. Also, to avoid losing your directories and files when re-installing the application in future you can now export your list of paths and import it if you need to.

  • Does the password get reset if I uninstall the application?

No. You can use the same password before you uninstalled the application.

  • Can I retrieve my files and directories if I lost my password?

You will have to use Disk Heal for this. In the ‘fix’ tab, at the bottom you can type in the full path of the hidden directories and files. and retrieve them

  • Can I use System Vault again if I have lost my password?

Yes, but you’ll need to re-format your computer to do so. (password does not get reset when re-installing the program)

  • When I use System Vault, I get a message saying that the COMDLG32 component is missing, what do I do?

Comdlg32.ocx are required components to run System vault, this is generally installed into the system directory, however a security feature in your computer may prevent installation of the file. You can install it manually by downloading it from here and copying it to your system directory (default: “C:/windows/system32”), Re-launch the application.

  • What compatibility issues may I run into when using System vault on Windows Vista/7?

The above issue may occur due to the User-Access control feature, we recommend disabling the User-Access control feature when using Disk Heal on Vista/7.

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lee - July 26, 2009

hey your a one great deal to file security and management, keep it up, please create more beneficial freeware for us, thank you.

god bless you.

manchester city - August 9, 2009

This is a really cool software. I use this software to hide my files and its so user friendly and easy to use!

Pat Testing - November 8, 2009

This software is a great privacy tool and very easy to use, highly recommended.

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[…] System Vault is a privacy utility which provides privacy by enabling only authorized access to any file or folder. The files or folders can then be accessed only upon entering a password. […]

Honey - June 17, 2010

THanks for this great software(free of cost).
Can i get the portable version of this, mean to say Not folder, i mean just click and start.
Please relase a portable version of this.
i ll be very thanksful to you

best regards

dukejag - November 23, 2010

why cant I unhide folders that I hide? please help.. i am using this before but now it cannot unhide the files or folders it hidden. I copied it from another pc. what could be the problem? please help…

Divya priya - November 29, 2010

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Web Guru - April 7, 2011

Hello. Thanks for unility! Downloading i:)

Yes - March 16, 2016

How many bits of encryption does the System vault use?

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