Wrist Comfort Mouse Pad

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Eliminate wrist pain, soreness, or scarring with this supportive mouse pad. The mouse mat with wrist support includes a bump at one end to comfortably to avoid pain. The mouse pad is ideal for those with arthritic hands or carpal tunnel syndrome. This is not a medical device and it’s suitable for anyone seeking more comfort at the computer desk.

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Make Your Life Easier with a Mouse Mat with Wrist Support

Got scars under your wrists thanks to long sessions at the computer? This mouse pad offers highly comfortable wrist support bump to eliminate pain and soreness.

Wrist Comfort Mouse Pad

This mouse pad is for anyone who suffers from wrist pain from moving the mouse. It may benefit those who suffer from conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • High-Quality Material—This mouse pad is constructed from sponge and cloth. The sponge will make the support bump comfortable to keep your wrist on.
  • Anti-Slip Backing—The back of the mouse pad is secured with neoprene rubber to prevent slipping.
  • Suitable for All Mice—You can use this mouse pad with optical, mechanical, or trackball mice.
  • Hard Surface—The surface of the pad is non-reflective so you can use laser mice with ease.
  • Slim Design—The pad is thin and lightweight offering additional comfort.

Wrist Comfort Mouse Pad

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Dimensions 15 × 15 × 5 cm

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14 reviews for Wrist Comfort Mouse Pad

  1. I***a

    This is a great mouse pad, compared to my completely flat one I replaced with it. The wrist rest is so nice–I run a business out of my home, and I am on my computer all day long. I noticed a huge difference in wrist fatigue after just one day of using this. I am not sure how I lived with my flat mouse pad for all those years!

  2. D***I

    Ok so hear me out. I got a new mousepad (not this one) and it was much with the sadness. However, I had already given my amazballs one to my wife. So it’s not like I could just take it back. So I ordered this one. Very glad I did. It cuddles my wrist like soft malleable well-lotioned flesh.

  3. S***e

    This mouse pad is really great! It supports your wrist perfectly and is very comfy. It is so nice to make work a little more enjoyable. I absolutely recommend this one if you’re looking to replace your old one or just finally start giving yourself some comfort!

  4. Customer

    This mouse pad really helps to relieve a lot of the wrist pain that I usually experience at the end of my work day. I spend the majority of my day on a laptop. The first mousepad worked so well that I ordered another one for my home. I would highly recommend this product.

  5. Y***l

    Bottom of pad has a rubber/tacky material. Keeps pad from sliding while in use. Wrist rest takes some getting used to, but it is soft.

  6. T***a

    Relatively small. wrist rest is big enough if your hand is not too big. wrist rest is not silicone but more like a sponge. (but firm enough) the bottom is not sticky.

  7. A***n

    I bought this mousepad for my mom who uses the computer for light web browsing and she loves it! She has some joint pain in her wrists so this wrist pad lets her be more comfortable in front of the computer.

  8. B***n

    This has a nice cushion pillow to rest the wrist. It’s pretty dense and the perfect height. I’ve always used the plain flat mouse pad and after having this I kept wondering why i did not switch out sooner. My wrist has never been this comfortable when using the mouse. This is a must for all computer users! No, really, you need to own one of these it really makes a big difference

  9. A***a

    The mouse fits well on it and the extra cushioning on my wrist definitely helps me to work longer with less stress and pain on my wrist/hand. Feels wonderful. I highly recommend this mouse pad with the added wrist padding. Makes a great difference!

  10. A***a

    The wrist cushion support memory form area provides great comfort and wonderful support to my wrist. I am very pleased with my purchase, and highly recommend this to anyone.

  11. B***i

    Have you ever been sitting at your computer and your wrist starts to hurt from not having anything under it? Well, this will solve your problems. This is a nice mouse pad along with support for your wrist with this memory foam right where your wrist is going to be you can rest it on there and you will be feeling great after a long day at the office. Great buy !!!

  12. Customer

    Very comfortable! Haven’t used a mouse pad for ages, but decided to give this a try and I am glad I did. Using the mouse and pad is much more comfortable than just the laptop. The fabric is great. The mouse moves very freely around the pad. The ergonomic design is great to prevent the wrist pain I had been dealing with. Nice addition to my work station.

  13. T***t

    I have seems these mouse pads around and have always been skeptical on if they actually help your wrists from hurting. They do!!! The memory foam is very cushy and the fatigue you get from normal mouse use isn’t there! I recommend this product highly!

  14. S***n

    I travel a lot for work and need a mouse pad that I can travel with. This is perfect. It is perfect size and is easily folded and packed in my computer bag. The foam in the wrist area makes the pad very comfortable.

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