Foxit vs Adobe Reader

Foxit vs Adobe Reader

PDF documents are commonly used today, some websites are entirely in PDF, and it is the main form used for E-books. Online guides, user manuals and tutorials are all generally and preferably presented in the form of a PDF, why? Because it adds quality to the document and it is more readable than a word document.

Until recently, the creator of PDF’s PDF reader software, Adobe reader has been the dominant application used to view and modify PDF documents, but in recent times if you have browsed a few software sites, like Softpedia, MajorGeeks and FileHippo, where you find Adobe reader you’ll probably find Foxit Reader next to it as well.

Foxit is another similar PDF reader which uses pretty much the same layout as the Adobe Reader, but there are other few differences and here I will outline some of them and based on this you can decide which one suits you.

One of the differences is the memory consumed, Foxit consumes less memory than Adobe, and you can notice this by the time each application takes to startup, also while using the application, you’ll notice Foxit responds a lot faster. I guess this is onr of the reasons for Foxit’s success. Also Foxit is a simple application; you could also get the standalone version (no installer, just one EXE) of it, compared to Adobe’s 20 something MB installer which takes a considerable amount of time to install compared to Foxit’s standalone EXE.

While Foxit is better in terms of memory consumption, in terms of compatibility, Adobe would be preferred. Foxit cannot open some PDF’s, of course this problem would probably be overcome as new versions of the application is released.

Also, in terms of portability, Foxit is excellent, some guest PC’s may not have a PDF reader installed, in that case, having the 1MB foxit in your portable device can come in very handy.

Finally just to be on the safe side you might want to stick to Adobe Reader, while Foxit has picked up fast it is still the new kid on the block.

When it comes to me, I use Adobe reader on my PC and Foxit on my portable device.

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Michael - June 25, 2008

I prefer to use Foxit Reader as it smaller and faster compared to Adobe

Michael’s last blog post..Free PDF Editor

Ascend Flash Classes - October 28, 2008

I prefer adobe mainly because of the familiarity. The loading speed is really the own negative in my opinion on Adobe.

Mustafa Sazak - January 29, 2010

If you’re using an onboard graphic card, just forget using Adobe. While scrolling, It will wait for seconds, and you won’t get a good performance. But if you use Foxit, you’ll notice the difference.

FNet - October 2, 2010

As a computer tech, I put fox it to every customer PC’s I service, along with other freewares such as Avast antivirus and COMODO firewall

Tom Creamer - February 10, 2011

I just started using FOXIT when I upgraded to Windows 7 from Vista at my tech’s recommendation. he said the same thing, FOXIT is faster, less memory, etc. However, I just discovered, as you suggest, that FOXIT won’t open some PDF’s (e.g., personal documents on my Insurance’s Company’s website). So I downloaded Adobe plus an un-neded McAfee scanner which was packaged with it. Now I am defeating my original intent. I have more stuff on my PC. If I keep both, which one engages when I select something to print assuming both will work on the document selected? Now that I have Adobe, and need it for at least one important application, why should I keep both? I am just a simple personal user.

Joseph Garibaldi - February 16, 2011

Actually, stock Foxit may not open as many PDF files, but if you go to “help/Check for updates” there are a couple that will expand it’s capabilities. We had the same “can’t open” problem until we tried this. The other thing don’t like about Adobe is the horrible “download manager” and constant broadcasting all Adobe products seem to do.

Cherry - June 24, 2011

I love Foxit. It was awful waiting for college catalogs and class schedules to load, but I no longer have that problem.

Mark Tracy - November 2, 2018

I’ve noticed a small variation in output when I copy/paste text to Word/Notepad/Excel/etc from Foxit vs Adobe Reader. Not sure what’s causing it or why. Anyone else having this issue?

brandon - January 22, 2019

Also Adobe is major software, so more effort will be placed by “hackers” in finding exploits for it. Adobe is constantly releasing patches for security issues. Foxit has less of a foot print out there, so might be considered more secure.

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