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Computer Realm is a blog that focuses on all areas of Computers and The Internet.  The posts on Computer Realm mainly consist of general tips for all Operating systems and users.

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Hello, my name is Luke. With a passion for computers, the Internet, Software and technology I started Computer Realm. I used to write software. You can take a look at my free apps here (no longer supported).

Over the years I have tested tons of hardware, software and tried several services online and so I decided to start this blog and post all experiences, opinions, tips and tricks, and solutions to various problems and technical issues that I have come across.

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Guest posts are welcome. The content needs to be related to the site. You can mail me with details on what your post would focus on and you will be contacted shortly. You will have to make sure that your posts are of exceptional quality.


If you are a looking for small scale advertising for a product or service in the Computers and Internet niche (other niches are accepted too but may not be as effective), Computer Realm would be a great pick. Our readers are mainly users looking for information regarding any topic in the niche and also for solutions to common issues with computers.

We offer custom advertising spots for comparatively low prices for a fixed price per month. Computer Realm brings in many visitors interested in the world of Computers and the Internet daily. I can guarantee that you will have your money’s worth if you choose to advertise with Computer Realm. For more information, contact me.


You can contact me if you have any questions and need any advice regarding anything. Just use the form here.

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