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I’ve been away from blogging for quite a while until recently when i kicked things off again. In that time the blogosphere and the whole of the Internet pretty much has been buzzing with 3 products from two adored (or maybe not) tech giants.

windows se7en

This is the predecessor of Microsoft’s (failed) Windows Vista operating system and after the results of Vista, looks like Microsoft is determined to get things right with Windows 7. Currently in beta Windows 7 is set to release it’s stable version in October. The main improvement over Windows 7 would be the increased efficiency and performance in terms of speed and compatibility. I think the Internet has covered most of the major features and news regarding updates of the Windows 7 and here are some pointers to find out more:

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Google has been ‘silently’ acquiring relatively small companies and adding features to its existing services and just as all the hype over their minimalist browser is dying away they’ve announced the release of a new service ‘later this year’ that has potential to revolutionize social networking and information sharing as a whole.

Google Wave lets you have real-time communication streams known as ‘waves’ with any number of Google contacts allowing you to share text, photos, videos, maps, documents and pretty much all other sharable aspects of Google’s services. It’s pretty much the combination of all their services in a communication stream. Don’t underestimate the use of  ‘real-time’ though, it really is real-time, users in a ‘wave’ can actually see as you type a message! Also it is planned to be available as a downloadable application to be run as a separate application on a private server. You can find out all you need to know on Google Wave in the 80 minute long developer preview video on the features of Google Wave on the Wave homepage. Below are a few more interesting links on Google’s newest service.

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Well, looks like Microsoft is actually getting a hold of something, after Vista proved to be unworthy, they’ve (after quite a while) successfully impressed geeks and the average user with their upcoming Windows 7 release. And then there was Live Search, outperformed in the search engine market and holding the least market share out of the three main search engines (Google and Yahoo being the other two).

Which brings us to Bing, The rebranding of Live Search, Bing was launched around 3 weeks back. Backed by a marketing budget of around $100 million I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first time you’ve read about Bing on the Internet. Bing calls itself a ‘decision engine’ however looking closely you’ll find it’s still pretty much a plain search engine. (this is a real decision engine)

However Bing has actually got to the average Internet user, evidently we’d notice it with the increased market share and even leap frogging Yahoo few days after it’s launch with a 16% share which pretty much means they’ve actually done something right this time around as they did with Windows 7.

Find out more about Bing:

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So there you have it, 3 of the much talked about products currently percolating the Internet. Be the first to know any new updates on these services by subscribing below.

And, as always comments on these products are welcome.

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