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Internet Explorer Comic

10 Mean Tweets about Internet Explorer: A Tribute

Microsoft has recently announced that they are retiring Internet Explorer. What most people don't get is that they are retiring the "Internet Explorer" brand and it will be replaced by a new successor codenamed "Project Spartan". That's an empowering name for a successor of the world's shittiest browser. The truth…
uTorrent Logo

Start uTorrent with Windows in Boss-key Mode

After 8 years, uTorrent is still my "goto" torrent client and while it has gained a bit of weight after starting off as a standalone app at 170KB, it is still one of the most lightweight applications when you think of the number of tasks it accomplishes. I came up…
chrome vs firefox

Here’s Why I Switched back to Firefox from Chrome

Need I say more? I think the image explains it all but the issue of multiple processes has long been a common complaint. This is because Chrome handles each plugin and tab as a separate process which can be beneficial sometimes but over the years Chrome…
Car without wheels

Latest Leaked Report on Apple Car Confirms it Will Not Have Wheels

Things are heating up in the world of Apple, as the company rolls out its latest products such as a $12,000 Apple Watch and the latest Macbook that features only a single non-standard USB port, there has been a lot of buzz supposedly about a car that is being developed…
Google Glass

5 of the Most Important Trends Over the Last Three Years

There hasn't been a new post on Computer Realm for over three years so instead of giving a reason for this, I decided I am going to talk about five randomly picked yet important trends that have taken place over the past three and a half years. There have been…
Software Piracy Percentage

The Percentage of People Who Pirate Software is about Even

We carry out polls in the sidebar for an indefinite period of time (until we get enough votes) on different topics. Our last topic was "Do You Pirate Software?" and while there may have been the occasional paranoid visitor who decided to vote "no" out of fear of his IP…

Windows Explorer and Live Photo Gallery support RAW

Up until now, editing, much less viewing RAW image formats were impossible in Windows Live Photo Gallery or Windows Explore. That however, has changed recently. Microsoft, who has been increasing the functionality of it's Live applications, has of now added support for RAW images in Windows Explorer as well as…


The debate has raged on for some time now, which is the better option, solid state drives or hard disk drives? Just like every other new or exciting technology that comes out, manufacturers try to push it into the consumer realm, highlighting its features. But as everyone knows, advertisements hardly ever…

Re-Enable Windows Vista Hibernate Option

If you have a Windows Vista based system, you might have noticed that your hibernate option has suddenly disappeared. Thankfully, there is a simple solution you can do to get your computer back to using hibernation regularly. This fix will require some command line use, but we will guide you…

Looking For Facebook Themes?

The days of MySpace are over, and with it goes the customization of one's profile. It's not a surprise why Facebook does not allow users to customize their profile with themes, graphics, gif's and other visual effects. The horror stories of MySpace profiles gone wrong reach to the sky and I'm sure…